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Child Dentistry

We recommend a first checkup by 12 months old to make certain that teeth and jaw development are normal and even more importantly so that parents and guardians know how to help their children be healthy from the start.

Guidelines for working with children

Parents / guardians are always welcome in the room
Comfort is always our concern
Parent / guardian consent and guidance are vital before any procedure

First Visit at Singhal Dental Care

We recommend a first checkup by 12 months. A simple guide for when to schedule a first visit:
No longer than 6 months after first tooth is erupted
At least by 12 months old


Education and prevention are the cornerstones of our concern for the dental health of children. In addition to teaching parents and guardians about dental care for their child, checkups are an appropriate time to comfortably and easily evaluate:
How many teeth are present
Are all teeth present
Loose teeth if any
Braces / bite evaluation
Cavity check
Check health of gums
Habit evaluation
Homecare / prevention
Fluoride use
Review diet
Address adult's concerns
Teach adults how to care for child's teeth

Home Dental Care Tips

It is often difficult initially to brush your child's teeth. They can really put up a struggle, screaming, kicking, crying, running away, not opening their mouths - every kid is different.
Healthy teeth and gums are so important to start out life with. We've often heard the value of choosing your battles with your children and this is one to choose.